1"-inch Type-A and IVC Video Tape to file; $110.

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1-inch SMPTE Type-A is a standardized B&W video tape format introduced by Ampex in 1965 and was one of the first 1-inch video tape formats to have industry consensus.  1-inch Type-A was used in industrial, educational, and government settings; it did not conform to broadcast standards.  1-inch Type-A has approx. 350 lines of resolution.  1-inch Type-A and Type-C tape reels have a large 3-inch diameter EIA center hole.  Tape manufacturers include Quantegy 196, Sony VK-34, Ampex 162/196, Scotch 3M 360, and others.  Operational playback equipment is limited.

1"-inch Type-A (NTSC, Black & White) and IVC video tape to file; $110 per reel.
USB FLASH DRIVE (Thumb drive) for audio file(s): $10 each (16Gb max).
DOWNLOAD files: $10 per order (25Gb max).
DVD (DVDs are becoming obsolete): $15 each (2 hours max).
Preview 1-minute download: $30 ($15 credited towards full  transfer).
Transfer price included baking when required.  
Splices; $2/splice.  Mold cleanining: $15.

h264.mp4 is a very common and well supported file format; files on a USB flash drive will play in Windows and MAC computers and will plug & play in many modern TVs.  Other file formats available by request (avi, mov, etc).

1" inch Type-A, 3" large reel EIA hole
AMPEX 147-30, 9-3/4" dia, 30 minutes at 9.6ips, 475ft 1 mil polyester base.
AMPEX 147-60 (1 hour) premium, 1" x 2950 ft, 1.0 mil polyester, 9.6ips
AMPEX 161-60, 1-inch wide, 1-hour open reel video tape.
Ampex 162

AMPEX 196-3170CD, 1"-inch x 3170 ft, 9" inch diameter metal reel, 77650120031301.
Ampex 197 -1 inch wide video tape reel.
AMPEX 296-120N x 00
Eastman EVT-1000 

Ampex 196 high band, 

Scotch 3M 360-1-3000 R97-B, 360-1-1500-R139-B
FUJI H621E, 1 in x 6071ft, 2.54cm x 1854m, 120 minutes.
FUJI H621E 1in x 3170ft, 2.54mm x 970m, Japan.
Quantegy 196, 10.5" diameter, Master Broadcast, 2.54cm x 1410m, 1" x 4610ft, Made USA.
Scotch 3M 357-1-3000 R97, 25,40mm x 914m, stock 84-9800-5156-3.
Scotch 3M 360-1-3000, 1 inch.
Scotch 3M 479, 1 x 2170 ft, 479-1-3170-R172B
Scotch 3M 479, 1 x 4610 ft, 10.5-inch diameter.
Scotch 3M 479, 1 x 3170 ft, 25,4mm x 966,2m; 66 minutes; C Format Broadcast.
Scotch 3M 479 -1 x 6050 feet, 25.4mm x 1844m, R174C134
Scotch 3M 480 -1-3170-R179B, 9-in dia, 3170ft, 25,4mm x 966,2m, 66 minutes.
Scotch 3M C122 1x 10.2, 84-9801-17; 25,4mm x 26,6m
Sony V1-K 126, 10.5-inch x 1-inch, 2-451-224-01, Type C.
Sony VK-34, 

Sony V-16, 9-inch diameter metal reel, High Band Master Tape.
3M 480 Master Broadcast Videotape, 9in dia tape pack, St Paul, MN 55144.
3M 480 XST, Master, 96 minutes, 1in x 4610ft, 25,4mm x 1412,7m; 9in tape pack.

 1" inch IVC tape, 3" large EIA hole  
Memorex MRX-80-3C,  8 inch x 1075ft, 30 minute, 300 oersted.  1 inch IVC.
Memorex MRX-80-3QM, 8inch x 1075ft, 30 minute, 500 oersted.     
Memorex MRX-80-4C,  8 inch x  2150 ft, 60 minute, 300oersted, 1 inch IVC. 
Memorex MRX-80-4C,  8 inch x 2150 ft, 60 minute, 500 oersted, 1 inch IVC.

Transfer Sony 1"-inch Ty7pe A, Type-C open reel video tape for file download, Hard drive, Flash drive, web files, or DVD.