Transfer audio Cassette tape to file: $35.

Complete pricing below.

COMPACT CASSETTE (standard audio cassette) was developed by Philips (Belgium) in 1962 and the technology was made widely available to other manufacturers.  The tape source and take-up reels are inside the cassette which simplifies tape loading and operator convenience compared to the open reel audio format.  Tape transports at a speed of 4.75cm/s (1-7/8ips).  The tape is 3.81 mm (0.15-inch) wide and cassettes measure 10 x 6.3 x 1.3cm (4.0 x 2.5x 0.5 inches).  Most manufacturers discontinued making audio cassettes by 2003.  Audio tape was replaced by CDs in the early 1980s.

TRANSFER to mp3 file: $35 per tape.
USB FLASH DRIVE (Thumb drive) for file(s): $10 each (16Gb max).
DOWNLOAD files and 30 day Cloud storage: $10 per order (25Gb max).
CD (audio CDs are becoming obsolete): $10 each (80 minutes max).
LONG TAPE: add $12 for each additional hour ($0.20 per minute).

mp3 is a very common and well supported file format; files on a USB flash drive will play in Windows and MAC computers and will plug & play in many modern TVs.  Other file formats available by request (wav, aaif, etc).

Typical Standard Audio Cassette Tape Play Times (minutes)
Minutes 2x5 2x7.5 2x 23 2x 30 2x 37 2x 45 2x 50 2X60 2X90 2X120


Transfer Mini and Micro AUDIO CASSETTE TAPES to CD or audio files.  Transfer record AUDIO CASSETTE TAPES to CD or digital audio files for mp3, wave hard drive, flash drive.