GRAY AUDOGRAPH record transfe to audio file: $45 per disk.  Complete pricing below.

Gray Audograph records were introduced by the Gray Manufacturing Company of Hartford Connecticut in 1945 for recording audio dictation.  Gray Audograph disks are blue flexible grooved disks with a star center hub.  They play with a constant speed under the needle that is achieved by rotating the disks with a variable speed of approx. 33 rpm to 15 rpm starting from the center and playing outward towards the edge.  The needle is fixed and the record platter rotates and slides with an intricate mechanical design.  The spacing between the record grooves is approx. 0.100mm (0.004-inches).  Disks can be "resurfaced" to remove the groves and can be reused.  Soundwriter machines will record and playback 20, 30, and 60-minute disks.  Other names associated with this format are Gray Flexograph, Gray Transcriptions, Electronic Sound Writer, Gray Audograph, and Phonaudograph.

TRANSFER Gray Audograph record to mp3 file: $45 per record.
USB FLASH DRIVE (Thumb drive) for audio file(s): $10 each (16Gb max).
DOWNLOAD audio files and 30 day Cloud storage: $10 per order (25Gb max).
CD (audio CDs are becoming obsolete): $10 each (80 minutes max).
mp3 is a very common and well supported file format; files on a USB flash drive will play in Windows and MAC computers and will plug & play in many modern TVs.  Other file formats available by request (wav, aaif, etc).

Typical Machines:

BIC-4  Master,       example serial number M143259, M143767
BIT-4V Secretarial, example serial number SV220684
BID-5  Dictator,     example serial number 738358

FL-30, Gray Audograph Electronic Soundwriter, The Gray Manufacturing Co, Hartford Conn, USA,
FL-60, Gray Audograph Electronic Soundwriter, 30 minutes x 2 sides.
Gray Audogram, Gray Audograph Dictation Systems

Transfer record Gray Audograph, flexible Blue disk records with a star center hole to CD, Hard drive, Flash thumb drive, or web files.