Transfer OPEN REEL audio tape to file: $35 per tape.

Complete pricing below.

Audio reel to reel (open reel, R2R) tape followed the wire recording format and early reel to reel recordings were made on steel tape.  In the late 1920s audio tape was made with a ferrite oxide coating on a paper backing (Pfleumer).  Audio tape was later made with a backing made of acetate (AGFA, 3M) or polyester.  Light will go through the side of a tape reel if it is acetate and will not if the material is polyester.  In 1898 it was found that adding a DC bias improved recordings, in 1921 it was found that adding an AC bias greatly improved recordings, but it was not until 1940 that the widespread commercial value of AC bias was realized and was standardized for modern audio tapes.  Ampex and others offered “modern” tape recorders by 1948.

TRANSFER audio tape to mp3 file: $35 per tape.
USB FLASH DRIVE (Thumb drive) for audio file(s): $10 each (16Gb max).
DOWNLOAD audio files and 30 day Cloud storage: $10 per order (25Gb max).
CD (audio CDs are becoming obsolete): $10 each (80 minutes max).
LONG TAPE (more than 2 hours): add $12 for each additional hour ($0.20 per minute).

mp3 is a very common and well supported file format; files on a USB flash drive will play in Windows and MAC computers and will plug & play in many modern TVs.  Other file formats available by request (wav, aaif, etc).

NAB Audio Tape Hub is a 3-inch diameter keyed center hole in large open reel audio tapes used in professional and broadcast applications.  The 3-inch diameter NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) drive hole is used for large 10.5-inch diameter x ¼-inch audio tape reels as well as ½-inch and wider multitrack audio tapes that often rotate at fast speeds of 7-1/2, 15, or 30ips; NAB hubs are also used in large or heavy open reel video tapes.

Typical play time of 1/4-inch wide Open Reel to Reel Audio Tape 

  Outside Diameter
Typical Length
1-7/8 ips
3-3/4 ips
7-1/2 ips
15 ips



10.5, 3-inch hub
150, 275
1200f, 366m
1800ft, 548m
2400ft, 732m
3600ft, 1097m
2500ft, 762m 
8 hours
4 hours
2 hours 


1 hour

Times are per track/channel: double for 2 sides of mono or stereo, multiply by 4 for 4-track mono. 

Example Brand names for 1/4-inch (6.35mm) wide audio reel to reel tape.

AGFA - Gevaert, 7" open reel audio tape
AGFA LGS35 Magnetophonoband 18cm x 540m, 7in x 1800ft, Langspielband.
AGFA PE41, 14cm x 540m, 1800ft. Magnetonband Doppelspiel-Band.
AGFA PE-65, 3-inch diameter, 135m, 450ft Magnetonband
AKAI,   LN 150-7, 7 inch x 1200ft (360m), low noise

Allegro, Full Frequency, 7" x 1200 ft plastic

Allied 260, stock 15-8742, , 7-inch x 1200ft, 1.5 mil acetate, Hi-Fidelity.
American Recording, D6MT, 3"x600 ft, Greentree Electronics
American, 7" x 2400ft, Mylar, Greentree Electronics Corp Los Angeles.
AMPEX 3-inch diameter, "Tape-a-letter".
AMPEX Irish brand 3in, 5in, 7inch; 7" x 2400ft 0.6 mil mylar.
AMPEX 291, 7-inch, x 1200ft, 366m, large hub, professoional audio tape.
AMPEX 341, 7" x 1/4" x 1800ft, 1 mil polyester
AMPEX 351, 3" x 300 (90m), 1/2 mil poly, Redwood City, CA

AMPEX / Quantegy 406, 407, 456, 457, 499, 3 inch x 300ft (90m).
AMPEX 414 low noise, 7in x 1200ftt, 1.5mil acetate.
AMPEX 456, 7 x1/4 x1200ft, 178mm x6.3mm x366m Grand Master studio tape.
AMPEX 541, 7" reel.
AMPEX 551, 7-inch x 1/4 inch, mylar recording tape
AMPEX 611, 7-inch x 1/4" x 1200ft, 360m x 1.5mil acetate.
AMPEX 621, 7-inch- 1/4-1800ft, 540m, 1 mil acetate.
AMPEX 631, 7" x 1200ft , 1.5 mil polyester, silicone lubricated

AMPEX 632, 1.5 mil Low Noise, high output, very good, no sticky
AMPEX 641, 7 inch x 1200ft (360m)
AMPEX 641, 7in x 1/4 x1800ft, 1 mil polyester, Professional.
AMPEX 911, 1/4 inch x 1200 ft, 1.5 mil acetate.
Audio Devices 1271, formula 10, 7" x 1200ft, all purpose, 1.5mil mylar.
Audio Devices, 351, 3" x 300 ft. 5" x 300ft. Red oxide, plastic.
Audio Devices, 1277, Low Noise, 7" x 1200'  formula 15
Audio Devices, 1862, Capitol 2, All-purpose, 7"x 1800ft, polyster
Audio Devices, 3PB - 3" diameter
Audio Devices, 4PB, 'audiotape', 4" empty reel.
Audio Devices, 2431, 'audiotape', 7" x 2400 feet, Dupont mylar.
Audio Devices 'Audiotape' SS12, 7" x 1200 ft, 1-1/2 mil cellulose acetate.
Audio Magnetics, 6A15 All Purpose, 5" x 600ft, 1 1/2 mil plastic
Audio Magnetics, All Purpose, 7" diameter.
BASF, 3" x 300 feet, Magnetophonband LGS standard
BASF COMBO PL33, bobine 18cm 7inch, longueur 540m 1800 feet.
BASF TYP LGS 5" x 90m, 300ft, Magnetophonband Standard, Germany.
BASF 7-inch diameter, Performance Series 1800.
BASF LGS26, 7" (18cm spule) x 2400ft (730m), magnetophonband Doppelspielband.
BASF Type LGS35, 7-inch, Magnetophonband, 540m, 1800 feet, long play.
Burgess 102, 102-12, 7 inch x 1200ftt, 1-1/2 mil mylar, all purpose tape.
Burgess 111, 111-5 inch, Acetate 1.5 mil x 1/4-inch
Burgess 138-12, 7" x 1200ft, 1-1/2 mil mylar, low print through all purpose.
Burgess 141-12, 7" x 1200ft, acetate, Freeport, IL
Burgess 150-12, 5" x 1200 ft1 mil Mylar
Burgess 200-3, 3" x 300 ft, tensilized mylar.

Cavalier    7" x 1800ft, 1mil mylar, 540m
Caldor   7" x 1200 FT Mylar, Stamford Connecticut.
CBC Radio Canada TA-1003, 7" x 1200ft, Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
Chicago   7" x 1200ft, acetate base
COMBO PL33, 7in 18cm bobline, 540m 1800ft, High Quality, Germany.
Concertape 44-755, 7-inch, 1200ft, 1.5mil mylar.
Concert Radio Shack/ Tandy 44-755, 7-in x 1200 feet, 1.5 mil mylar.
Concertape 44-1018, 7-inch x 1800ft, 1.0 mil polyester.
Concertape, Tandy-Radio Shack, 44-1060 x 2400 ft, 0.5 mil polyester.
Concertape 44-1918, 7" x 1800ft, 1.0 mil polyester

Concordia 79-3000, 7" x 1200ft, High Fidelity, Concordia Films, St Louis.
Crescendo, Medallion, 3" x 225ft.  5" x 1200ft-.5mil. mylar.
Deutsche Welle 5" diameter, Koln, Germany.
Daltronix Hi-Fi, 7 x1/4in x1200ft, 1.5mil polyester, H.L.Dalis Inc, NY.
Eastman Kodak A303-12.5, 7in x 1250ft 1.5mil durol plastic base, Low print, N.Y.
Eastman Kodak P103, 3 inch x 400 feet, 1/2 mil polyester.
Electronic Accessories 3" x 150', 1-1/2 mil tensilized PVC.
Electronic Accessories, EA 5-900, 5" x 900ft, 1 mil polyester
EMI Tape 88/3; 53m/175ft, spool 8cm/3in, standard play. 
EMI Tape 99/12H Gteat Britain
Escort Magnetic Tape
Europa Band, 1200ft (360m), W.Germany
Ferrodynamics 5D3+M, 3-inch x 600 feet, mylar, Lodi, New Jersey.
Fidedi-tape   7" x 1200ft, 1.5mil plastic base
Goldcrest, 175-18, 1/4" x 7" x 1800ft, 1mil Dupont Mylar
Grundig DeJUR, 3-inch, 30 minute, Stenorette Magnetic Recording Tape.
Grundig DS4, 5 in Tonband, made in West Germany.
Harold Cobot & Co Boston Mass, 5".
IRISh 3-inch, A Division AMPEX Corp, ORR Industries, Alabama, Ferro-sheen.
IRISH 195, A product od AMPEX, General purpose, 7in x 1200 feet, brown band.
IRISH 211, 3-inch x 150 feet; 7in x 1200ft; 1.5 mil acetate backing. 
IRISH 221, 7-inch x 1800ft, 540m; 1 min acetate.
IRISH 331, 7-inch x 1200ft, 360m, 1.5 mil mylar, a product of AMPEX.
Irish 601, 3-inch, 7-inch x 1800 ft, high fidelity, Mylar Ferro-sheen. 
irish by ORRadio Industries, 7" x 2400ft, double play ferro-sheen, Alabama.
IRISH 7-2400 Ferro-scheen, ORRadio Industries, Alabama U.S.A.
Lafayette LRE 28-01066, 7in x 1800ft, 1 mil mylar, Syosset NY 11791.
Kirish brand recording tape, by ORRADIO Ind, Opelika, ALA.
Kodak 12P36, 7in x 3600 ft; 6.4mm x 1097.3m;  1/2 mil polyester base.
Kodak 21A 7in; 21A18 7in x 1800 ft, 1 mil Triacitate, Rochester New York.
KOdak 21P18 7in x 1800ft, 6.4mm x 548.6m, on 1 mil polyester base.
Kodak 31A6, 5" sound recording tape.
Kodak 31A12, 7" x 1200ft on 1-1/2 mil triacetate (vinegar smell).
Maestro MRT 18M- 1800 feet of 1 mil Mylar
Maestro MRT 24T, mylar, 7 inch x 1200ft.
Magnetic Recording Tape, 7in x 1/4in x 1200ft.
Magnetbans, 5-inch, PS120 540m, ORWO Veb Filmfabrik, Deutsche Republik.
Mayfair M-30, 26502 A-01 3-inch 225 feet, 1 mil acetate
Maxell UD35-7, 7"x1800ft, 178mm x 550m, Ultra, Hi-output, 1 mil polyester
Melody 166-1/4-1200 x 7in, 5in x 600ft, 1.5 mil polyester, lubricated.
Melody 169-1/4-1800 ft x 7 inch, 1.0 mil polyester, lubricated.
Nassau 3", 300 feet, mylar.
NEWARK 5-inch x 900 ft, 1.0 mil acetate, Chicago, Illinios, USA.

Kirish brand recording tape, by ORRADIO Ind, Opelika, ALA.
Kodak 21A18, 7" dia, 1800 ft, 1 mil Triacitate, Rochester New York.
Kodak 31A6, 5" sound recording tape
Kodak 31A12, 7" x 1200ft on 1-1/2 mil triacetate (vinegar smell).
Lafayette Radio 28-01066, 7in x 1800ft x 1 mil mylar, NY 11791.
Maestro MRT 18M- 1800 feet of 1 mil Mylar
Maestro MRT 24T, mylar, 7 inch x 1200ft

Magnetband PS25 U6m 540m Doppel Spielband, DDR, Germany.
Mayfair M-30, 26502 A-01 3-inch 225 feet, 1 mil acetate
Maxell UD35-7, 7"x1800ft, 178mm x 550m, Ultra, Hi-output, 1 mil polyester
Melody 166-1/4-1200, 7 inch x 1200ft, 1.5 mil polyester, lubricated
Nassau 3", 300 feet, mylar
NEWARK 5-inch x 900 ft, 1.0 mil acetate, Chicago, Illinios, USA.
42470, base1/2 mil tensiled polyester base

Peerless Rival, 7" x 1800ft, plastic base
Penncrest (Pennys), 7" x 1800ft

Philips EL3881, 5.75-inch/ 15cm, empty reel, Holland.
Philips EL3915LP, 5-inch/ 13cm, 270m/ 900ft. Holland,
Plaza Hi-Fidelity, 3-1/4" diameter, 600 feet, 1-hour @ 3-3/4ips.
Pure Tone 91303, 7-inch x 1800 ft. 1 mil tenselized polyester, U,S.A.
Radio Shack 44-278, 5" empty take up reel.
Radio Shack 44-279A, 7-inch, 17cm empty reel
Radio Shack 44-1018 Concert tape, 7" x 1800ft, 1mil polyester

Radio Shack 44-1086, 'Concert' 2-3/8" x 300 feet, 0.5 mil polyester
RCA, 710C1 Vibrant Series, 7" x 2400ft, polyester mylar

REALISTIC 44-736A, 7in x 1200ft, 1.5mil mylar, Radio Shack Tandy.
Radio Shack, Realistic 44-754A, 7" x 1800ft, 549m, 1.0 mil mylar.
Realistic 44-758A, 7in x2400ft x 0.5 mil polyester, 732m x13micron. 
Realistic 44-766A 7" x 3600 ft, .5 mil Mylar, Pro Quality.
Realistic 44-1877A, 7" x 1800 ft 1.0 mil Mylar Low Noise, Supertape.
Realistic 44-1878A Supertape low noise, 7in x 1220ft, 1.5mil mylar.
Realistic Radio Shack, 44-1879A Supertape Low Noise, 7" x 2400ft.
RECCO professional, 3-inch, Kansas City, MO, USA.
Reeves Soundcraft SPN600, plastic, Great Pasture Rd, Danbury CT

RMGI 468, good no sticky shed
ROSS Electronics Corp, 3" x 275ft. 7" x 1200ft. acetate, Chicago
Scotch 102, all purpose 5-inch x 1/4 x 600 feet, 1.5 mil polyester
Scotch 111-1.5, 3" inch diameter, 150 feet, St Paul, Minnesota, USA.
Scotch 111 A-2, 3"x 300 ft, 1.5mil acetate base, silicone lub.

Scotch 3M 111, 5" x 600ft, 6.35mm x 180m, 1.5mil acetate, St Paul.
Scotch 111A, 5" x 600ft; 7-inch x 1200 ft, plastic backing, 3M.
Scotch 150, 3in-1/4-150-2.25, 225 feet; 7"x 1800ft 1mil polyester.
Scotch 111-12, 7in x 1200 ft, 360m,  All Purpose, 1.5mil acetate.
Scotch 111, 7" x 1800ft, Standard recording, 1.5 mil acetate backing
Scotch 120, 3"x 600ft 180m. 7in x1200ft ,1.5mil acetate. High HO. 
Scotch 3M, 140 Tartan series 5in x 900ft. 7in x 1800f;. plastic.
Scotch 141, Tartan All Purpose, 7"x1200ft, 364m, 1.5 mil Acetate.
Scotch 142, Tartan budget, 7" x 1200ft (360m), acetate backing.
Scotch 142, Tartan 5-inch x 900ft, 6.35mm x 270m, 1.0mil polyester.

Scotch 150, 156, 158, 7in 18cm, 540m 1800ft. 1.0 mil polyester.
Scotch 175, 7"x1200ft, 7"x1800ft-548m, all purpose, 1 mil polyester.
Scotch 176, 7-inch x 1200ft, 366m, pro-pack Low Noise 1.5mil Polyester.
Scotch AV-177, 5" x 900ft/270m.  7-inch x 1800ft, 1/4 inch low noise
Scotch 190, 190A-18-100G, 7in x 1800 ft, plastic.
Scotch 3M, 200, 5" x 1200 (360m), 0.5mil polyester, silicone lub.
Scotch 201, 7" x 1200ft (360m), 1.5mil Acetate, Dynarange Series.
Scotch 203, Dynarange series, 7" x 1800ft, polyester back, silicone.

Scotch 206,  R60, 7"x 1200ft (366m).
Scotch 206, 10.5"x 2500-RN(762m).High Output,LN. 1.5ml polyester

Scotch 3M, 207, 7" x 1800, 548m. 7" x 1/4 x R90, High Output.
Scotch 3M 208, 5in x 600ft, 6.35mm x 180m, 1.5 mil, Low Noise
Scotch 3M, 208, 7"x1/4-1200, 6.35 mm x 365.7 m, 1.5mil polyester.
Scotch 211, 7 inch x 1200ft (360m), standardized Low Noise.
Scotch 212-1/4-R90, 7-inch, 90 minute tape, low noise.

Scotch 3M 213 DP, 5in, 540m,1800ft; 15cm, 5-3/4in, Low Noise.
Scotch 3M 228-1/4-R60, Highlander 7"x 1.5mil polyester, Low Noise.
Scotch 3M 229- R90, 7-inch x 1800ft, 549m, Highlander low noise. 
Scotch 3M, 290, Living Letters, 3" x 600 ft (180m), 0.5mil polyester.
Scotch 290- 1/4- 3600 ft, 1100m, silicone lubricated 0.5 mil polyester.
Scotch 351-1/2-845-R125B, 5" x 845 (255m), 7" x 1200 (360m).
Scotch, 3M, 361, 5 inch diameter x1/4in x 1200ft
Scotch 3M, 808-1/4-600, 5in reel, 600 ft, 60 min max per track.
Scotch 3M, 908, 986. 7 inch x 1800ft
Scotch RB-3, 3-inch empty reel.  RB-5, 5 inch emty reel
Scotch RB-7, 7 inch empty reel
Shamrock 031, 7" x 1200ft 1.5 mil polyester
Shannon 0417-inch x 1800ft, 1 mil Dupont Mylar.
SILVERTONE Sears, Robuck and Co 57-260, 5-inch x 600ft.
SILVERTONE Sears 9951, 7-inch x 1200ft standard recording tape.
Sony PR-150-7, 7" x 550m/ 1800ft, 25 micron/1.0 mil polyester

Sony PR-200, 5" x 1200ft, 0.5 mil polyester.
Soundcraft SPN-6 5-inch x 600 ft, 10 East 52nd St, NY 22 NY, USA.
Soundcraft FA-4 7in x 1200ft, 1.5 mil mylar base, Reeves Soundcraft. 
Soundcraft, GTM-18T, 7" x 1800ft, 1 mil mylar, Canbury Conn. USA. 
SoundcraftL-12, 7in x 1220ft, 1.4mil Dupont Mylar polyester film base.
Sunset Magnetic Recording Tape1091 BN 
Sunset Magnetic Recording Tape, 7 inch x 2400ft

TDK SD150H-7, 7-inch, 1200ft, 370m low noise-hi output-low print.
Tape 1091 BN, 7 inch x 2400ft 
Web0Cor 2909, 5" trade mark of Webster-Chicago Corporation.