CV, SKIP FIELD video tape transfer: $65 (5-inch, 30 minutes), $110 (7-inch, 60 minutes).

Complete pricing below.

CV (Consumer Video), "Skip Field",  was introduced by Sony in 1965 and is a proprietary ½-inch wide B&W open reel video tape format that pre-dates 1969 EIA standards.  CV is a helical scan skip-field video format and has approx. 200 lines of resolution.  ½-inch open reel tapes are typically 30 minute (5-inch diameter) or 60 minute (7-inch diameter) and were manufactured by many companies.  CV tape speed is 19.05cm/s (7.5ips).  Operational playback equipment is limited and tapes are often unplayable but can usually be recovered.

TRANSFER CV SKIP FIELD video tape reel (NTSC) to mp4 file: $65 (5" diameter, 30 minute), $110 (7", 60 m inute) tape.
USB FLASH DRIVE (Thumb drive) for audio file(s): $10 each (16Gb max).
DOWNLOAD files: $10 per order (25Gb max).
DVD (DVDs are becoming obsolete): $10 each (2 hours max).
Preview 1-minute download: $30 ($15 credited towards full  transfer).
Transfer price included baking when required.  
Splices; $2/splice.  Mold cleanining: $15.
h264.mp4 is a very common and well supported file format; files on a USB flash drive will play in Windows and MAC computers and will plug & play in many modern TVs.  Other file formats available by request (avi, mov, etc).

Typical CV and NV Video Tape Models and Brands:
Ampex 163, 1/2-inch x 7-inch diametr.
Concord V7040, 7-inch diametr reel with large hub, 30 minute.
Concord VT-1 for Helical scan video tape recorders, HE1387.
Concord Chromadyne 300 color capable video tape.
Maxell VT-7, 7" tape for helical scan recorders
Memorex Chroma 80-7B, 5" helical scan video reel
Memorex Chroma 80-8C, 7"
Memorex Chroma 80-9C, 5" diameter
Memorex Chroma 80-10C, 5" x 1/2 x1200feet (380m)
Memorex Chroma 80-20C, 5" helical scan videotape
Panasonic NV-P50, 5", VPN-3065, HL-21103
Panasonic NV-R50-5" diameter, 30 minute reel.
Panasonic NV-P71, V7030, 7" National Video

Scotch 3M, 351, 7 inch, polyester backing,
Scotch 3M, 361-845-R130B, 5", 20 minute.
Scotch 3M, 361-1/2-1250-R86B, 7in, 12.7mm x 380m.
Scotch 3M, 361-1/2-R148B, 7in, 30 min video tape
Scotch 3M, 361-1/2 x 2400-R153B, 7in, 12.7mmx 730m.

Shibaden Video Tape, Tokyo Japan, 7" diameter
Sony V-30, 4.5" dia, 9 min, 380ft, 116m, 300 oersted
Sony V-30D, 4.5" 20 min, 845ft, 255m, with new machines
Sony V-30H, 5" dia, 30 minute, 25 micron, 300 Oersted
Sony V-31, 7" inch Large Hub, 30 min, 30 Oersted
Sony V-32, 7" dia, 60 min, 720m, 1.0 mil 300 oersted.
Sony V-32H, 7" dia, 60 min, for helical scan recorders

Sony V-35, 5" "Automatic Threading" has special leader
Sony V-38, 5" dia video tape for helical scan recorders
Sony V-60H, 5" High Density, 25 micron, Gold Lettering
Sony V-62 , 5" dia, 30 minutye, high density tape
Sony V-62H, 5" dia, 30 min, for helical scan recorders
Sony V-71, 5" dia, 30 minute, Helical Scan Videotape

Sony V-72, 7" dia, Cobalt high density 530 Oersted.
Sony RH-5, 5" dia, empty take up reel
Sony RH-7V, 7" dia, empty take up reel
Sony RH-72, 7" dia, empty take up reel for V-31 tapes

Typical recording, playback machines:
NV format: Concord VTR-600, VTR-620, Panasonic NV-8100.
CV format: Sony CV-2000 (1967), GE, Sony CV-2100, CV-2200(A), CV-2600


Transfer 1/2"-inch non-standard CV, Skip Field, Skipfield, Concord or Panasonic NV format record archive VTR video tape reel spools to file download, Hard drive, Flash drive, Thumbdrive, or web files, DVD.