Video8, 8mm (PAL, NTSC) Video Tape Transfer to file

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Video8 (original 8mm tape) is a standardized analog color video tape format developed by Eastman Kodak in 1984.  The Kodak camcorder was manufactured by Matsushita and 8mm tapes by TDK.  The Video8 format was designed to make small compact camcorders possible.  The format is standardized so tapes can be interchangeably recorded and played back in machines made by different manufacturers.  Sony commercialized the format with the Handicam in 1985.  The Video8 format has approx. 240 lines of resolution.  The 8mm tape is often identified as P6-120 or Video8 and plays for 120 minutes in NTSC SP mode and 240 minutes in LP mode (85 minutes PAL SP and 170 minutes PAL LP mode).  The tape is 8 mm (5/16-inches) wide and measures 3-11/16 x 2-3/8 x 9/16 inches.  Playback equipment is available.

TRANSFER video tape to mp4 file: $35 per tape.
TRANSFER PAL videotape: add $10 per tape.
USB FLASH DRIVE (Thumb drive) for file(s): $10 each (16Gb max).
DOWNLOAD files and 30 day Cloud storage: $10 per order (25Gb max).
DVD (DVDs are becoming obsolete): $10 each (2 hours max).
LONG TAPE (more than 2 hours): add $12 per hour ($0.20/minute).
h264.mp4 is a very common and well supported file format; files on a USB flash drive will play in Windows and MAC computers and will plug & play in many modern TVs.  Other file formats available by request (avi, mov, etc).

Video8, 8mm, Hi-8 Video Casette Tape - Videotape Models

Video8, 8mm Tape Models
Fuji P6-60 Advanced Grade Quality, double coating
Maxell P2-120, 8mm Videocassette 
Sony metal HG, P6-60HG.  Sony P6-120MPR.
Sony 8mm MP120,P6-120MPL, standard grade.
Sony P6120MPR, 106m, 120 minute Standard
Supertape HG-120
TDK 8mm P6-30HS High Standard, P6-120MP metal particle
TDK HS30 high standard, SP 30 min, LP 1 hour. 

Hi8 Tapes
Fuji PS-90.  
FUJI Hi8 ME, E6-120 master.  
FUJI P6-120 professional M221MP.    
Kyocera P6-120, Finemetal Hi-8 video-tape.                                 .
TDK MP-90. 
Maxell Hi8 XR-M 90. XR- Metal, P6-120XR.
Maxell GX-MP120 metal.
Maxell EX-M120, P6-120, extended use.
Panasonic Hi8, NV-P6120H professional use.
Sony Hi8 E6-30HME European 30 minute Hi8 video tape.
Sony Hi8 P120, P6-120HMP, P6-120HMPX. P6-60HMPX.
Sony Hi8 metal-P120 NTSC, Superb Quality, P6-120HMP.
TDK Hi8 MP120, P6-120HP 

Head Cleaner Tapes
Fuji 8CL-10U, sku 7410168915, 6 minutes
Panasonic AY-DVMCLA-A
Sony QGD8CL, 7.5m, 24.6 feet, about 18 cleanings, sku 2724251270.
Sony B8-25CL, 7 meters, Video8
Sony V8-25CLD, 21 meters, 10s each cycle., 7 minutes total, 25 cleanings. 
Sony V8-25CLH, 7 meters. 

8mm Camcorder tape, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, Digital 8, to mp4, avi file for web download, USB hard drive, flash drive, thumb drive, or DVD.