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Video Tapes
Hi-8, 8mm
AKAI 1/4"
Betacam SP
EIAJ Video Reel
miniDV Tape
EIAJ Cartridge
Shibaden Reel
CV, Skip Field
EV, Sony 1" Reel
CVC Technicolor
Umatic 3/4-inch
Vcord I, II
VHS Video Tape

Audio Tapes
Audio Cassette
Audio Reels
Gray Audograph
Record Transfer
Wet Audio Tapes

Film and Slides
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9.5mm Film
16mm Film

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Helical Scan Video Tape, EIAJ-1 B&W to Video Files, DVD, Download. 

EIAJ-2 color for Videocorders to Video Files, DVD, Download. 

CCIR European format B&W (PAL) to Video Files, DVD, Download.

Sony V-30H Video Tape for Helical Videocorders
5-inch diameter Sony V-30H Helical Scan video 
tape reel to DVD, h264.mp4 file, Flash Thumb Drive.

Cost for 5"-inch diameter reel $65. 
Cost for 7"-inch diameter reel $110.
Unknown content?  1 minute preview file download; $30 ($15 full transfer credit).  
File and DVD; add $10.    Obvious Mold on tape; add $15.
Common file types are H264-mp4 (small compact), H264-mov, DV-AVI, ProRes. 

EIAJ-1 B&W, EIAJ-2 is color. 
Most tapes are 5-inches (30 minutes) or 7-inches (60 minutes) in diameter.  Transfer includes normal recovery including cleaning and baking, if required.  Price is the same for all 1/2-inch wide open reel format; this tape was used for many different video formats.  Note that this early video technology and usually contains sync, start/stop disturbances, and dropouts. 
Tape baking and cleaning are included in the price, there are no adders.


1969 EIAJ-1 B&W standard, EIAJ-2 color standard with a tape speed of 7.5ips. (European B&W CCIR/ PAL color machines have a tape speed of 163.22mm/s, 6.426ips which is 14.4% slower or 85.7% of the NTSC speed).  It was the first industry-wide standard video format, Electronics Industries Association of Japan (EIAJ) and uses a slanted Helical Scan video recording format which gives higher video quality per inch of tape than linear formats. Helical Scan recording was used by many previous formats, but was not standardized between manufacturers until 1969. EIAJ and most previous 1/2-inch tape formats have the audio track is along the top edge (away from the machine) and control track along the bottom edge (close to machine). Craig 6402 is reversed.

This 1/2"-inch EIAJ open reel format is Endangered; there are only a small number of playback machines with no manufacturer support/ part availability and usually significant tape deterioration.  The ½”-inch wide video tape is loaded onto an open reel very similar to ¼-inch wide open reel audio tape; the hub design between the two is the same.  Common reel sizes are 5-inch diameter 30 minute tapes and 7-inch diameter 60 minute tapes.  This format was popular in schools, universities, Electronic News Gathering, and home use with the advent of battery powered portable machines.  Color recording was possible but not very common.

What folks are saying...
Thank you sooooooooooo much. [helical scan video reel of high school play to mp4 download]. People are going to be so excited.. Beth, Oklahoma, OK  73742.

I received the tapes and mp4 files on thumb drive and they look good.  I found a couple more that I will be sending in.  thanks, Adam, University Library, Washington 98033.

The original tape and DVDs arrived on time and in exellent condition.  The DVDs play on various DVD players. We are very pleased to be able to see our [artistic dances] work again.  This tape is historically important to our organization. We have other tapes to send. Best, Mary Pittsburgh PA 15210.

Received the package yesterday. I am very happy with the transfer [two 7" open reel video tapes to ProRes on USB flash drive]. Thank you So much. Joy, Wisconsin 53719.

Thanks, Looks Marvellous. The quality is brilliant. Thank you so much. [3 CCIR (PAL) helical scan video tape reels to DVD and mp4 files on thumb drive] Cheers mate. Daniel, Victoria, Australia.

I received the DVDs yesterday and viewed them last night. I had never seen these particular films and it was eerie to hear my late husband describing his early work. Thanks for your help.  Janis, California, CA 95451.

DVD and mp4 file [on my thumb drive stick] has arived. All was perfect. Thanks for your work. I have already passed your name on to a few friends who have film to transfer. take care, Mike, Houston Texas, TX 77031.

Received it today [flash drive with mp4 file from eiaj-1 video reel] and can't be happier, looks great! thanks, Mike, Connecticut, CT. 06470.

I cannot thank you enough.  THANY YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!  [CV format video reels rejected by another business to DVD, mp4 files on flash drive, and download]  Sincerely, Nathan,  California, CA 92392.

You did an exellent job [transferring 12 EIAJ helical scan video tape reels to mp4 on FD flash drive].  You brought back some great memories that would have been destined for the garbage.  So glad you could save them!!  Many thanks, Olivia, Brooklyn NY New York, 11249.

Got the tapes yesterday [video reels, DVDs, and mp4 files for download]. You guys did a great job, thanks, Paul, Valencia, CA 91355.

Great quality.  Like something resurrected from the dead [eiaj helical scan reel to h264.mp4 on flash thumb drive]. The conference was 45 years ago and no has seen it since. thanks, Peter, Univ Illinois, Chicago Illinois, IL 60612.

I was thrilled to get it [h264.mp4 file on thumb drive] today- my how technology has improved.  It was exciting for me to see because I have been working on a history book and now I get a firsthand look at my narrative.  thank you for your work!  Kathy, Media, Pennsylvania, PA 19063.

If you were here right now, I'd give you a big kiss!  The tape transfer [to DVD and mp4] arrived and I've been in tears ever since. It is such a joy and thrill to see myself and my friends from high school back in 1969.  I was astonished at how good the quality is and I thank you so much for doing this job and taking such pains with it.  I will be shipping this week to you two more tapes.  Thank you so much!  Kathleen, New Jersey, NJ  08057.

The [DVD and h264.mp4 file on USB thumb drive] arrived and my husband was really excited.  The tape was from a class he taught over 40 years ago. So we are very happy.  thanks, Susan, Barrington, RI  02806.

We watchd both download files in entirety. They were exellent.  I will let you know when the DVDs arrive. thanks, Dinese in Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701.

I have downloaded the [h264.mp4 file from CCIR video tape reel] and have seen it: fantastic!  Thank you very much for your work.  Dario, Padova, Italy 35126.

It worked!  We downloaded the files from Dropbox. You took extra time with me solving my problem and many thanks! The kids are gonna love them! thanks, Lindsay MB Canada.

Thanks very much!  The tape [EIAJ video reels] and DVDs arrived yesterday and all is in good condition. We'll likely be in touch with future video projects as funding allows.  Best, Angie. Alaska Library


How it works:
1. CONTACT US with questions or to get an estimate.
2. Print our SHIPPING LABEL from the tab at the top of the web page. 
3. Number your tapes/media, keep a list, and enclose titles and contact info. 
4. Seal in plastic bags, Pad very well, use Standard mailing envelope or corrugated box.  
5. We confirm arrival and email our findings and normally bill using Paypal.      
    (Paypal accepts credit cards for us and you do not need to be a member).
6. Prepay and checks accepted. Normal completion is 3 weeks.

Typical tape reels are 4.5-inch, 11cm; 5-inch, 13cm; 7-inch, 18cm diameter. 
AMC 4096 -7201, 7" back coated. Audio Magnetic Corp, CA.
AMPEX 163-30S,  5" and 7-inch diametr.
Ampex 164,   5" x164-1250B and 7" x 2400-DD
Ampex 174, 2400-DD, 7x 1/2" -inch 60 minute
Ampex 194-1250-BE, 5" 29E285101-05.  
AMPEX  194-2400-DD. 7-inch, Redwood City, California 94063

AMPEX Silver Chrome, 5" dia, Helical Scan Video Tape

BASF FV26AE,  Videoband, 18cm:7"; 12.7mm:1/2", 730m:2400ft, 60 min.
BASF Badische Anilin-Soda-Fabrik AG, 6700 Ludwigshafen, Germany.
Concord VT-1B, Chromadyne 300, 1/2-inch x 2400 feet, New York.
EHI Series 439 5-inch x 1/2 ' x 1250 feet, , San Diego California 92120 
Generic brand #4095,   7" helical scan video tape reel.
HITACHI R-716 Video Tape for Scan Recorders R716. 
IRISH 182,                   7" Ferro-Sheen tape, USA.
IRISH 183-30, 7-inch diameter, with Ampex Logo on case.
Karex Silver chrome      5" helical scan video tape
Karex Silver Chrome 2,  5" diameter
Karex SC2-3,              7" x 2400ft (730M), 60 minute.
Matsushita Electric NV-R71, 7" diameter
Maxell VT-7,   7"  video tape for helical scan recorders

Memorex 1/2 x 1200, 79L GG 6130B W3. 
Memorex Chroma 80-7B, 30min, 7"x 1/2"x 1200'ft helical scan.
Memorex Chroma 80-8B, 7-inch diameter, 1/2  x 2400 ft.
Memorex Chroma 80-8C, 7" x 1/2 x 2400 feet.
Memorex Chroma 80-9C, 5" diameter
Memorex Chroma 80-10C, 5" x 1/2 x1200feet (380m)
Memorex Chroma 80-20C, 5" helical scan videotape 

National NV-P71, 7'-inch, 730m helical scan video tape.
Oregon Magnetics, 5 inch diameter, 30 mnute video tape reel.
Panasonic NV-P50, 5", VPN-3065, HL-21103
Panasonic NV-R50-5" diameter, 30 minute reel, Japan.
Panasonic NV-P530, 30 minute cassette.
Panasonic NV-P71, V7030, 7" National Video, Matsushita Japan  
Scotch 3M, 351, 7 inch x 1/2 in x 2400ft, 12.7mm x 730m,  polyester backing. 
Scotch 3M, 361, 5" 845ft - R130B, 20 minute.
Scotch 3M, 361-1/2-1200-R148B, 5-inch, 30 min video tape, 12,7mm x 365m.      
Scotch 3M, 361-1/2-2400-R153B, 7" Guardsman Series, Cat. 34-7003-0760-5A 
Scotch 3M, Guardsman Series, 7" Cat 34-7003-0771-2. 759-0467-020.
Scotch 461-1/2-2400-R153B, 12.7mm x 730m.

Sony LV-5, LV-10 endless loop video cartridge for helical scan recorders.
Sony V-30,    4.5" dia, 9 min, 380ft, 116m, 300 oersted
Sony V-30D,  4-5/8" 20 min, 845ft, 255m, with new machines
Sony V-30F, 4-5/8" dia, 10 minute, 380ft.
Sony V-30H, 5-1/8" dia, 30 minute, 1210ft, 25 micron, polyester, 300 Oersted
Sony V-31,   7" inch Large Hub, 30 min, 380m, 1240ft, 25 micron, 10 mil, 30 Oersted 
Sony V-32,   7" dia, 60 min, 2370ft, 720m, 1.0 mil, polyester, 300 oersted.
Sony V-32H,  7" dia, 60 min, for helical scan recorders
Sony V-35,   4-5/8" 20 min, "Automatic Threading" has special leader
Sony V-38,   5" dia video tape for helical scan recorders
Sony V-60H, 5" High Density, 25 micron, Gold Lettering
Sony V-61, video tape for helical scan videocorders
Sony V-62 ,  5" dia, 30 minute, high density tape
Sony V-62H, 5" dia, 30 min, for helical scan recorders
Sony V-71,   7" dia, 30 min, 1240ft, 380m, large hub, RED High Density Helical Scan.
Sony V-72,  7" dia, 720m, Cobalt high density RED, 530 Oersted, red box, blue "V-72".
Sony RH-5E,  5-1/8" empty reel for V-30H, 30 minutes.
Sony RH-5V,  4-5/8" empty reel for V-30F and V-30D, 20 minutes.
Sony RH-7V,  7" dia, empty reel for V-32, 60 minutes.
Sony RH-72V, 7" dia, large hub empty reel for V-31 tapes, 30 minutes.
Universal 250-5000 5"x 1/2" Helical Scan Tape, Universal Tape Corp, Gardena CA 90249.
Unknown, VT-232-19, 4.5-inch diameter 

Typical machines:

JVC KV-350, KV-360. 
Panasonic National Matsushita NV-3020, NV-3110 (1971), NV-3120 color, NV-3130 (1972), NV-3150, NV-3160 color.

Sony AV-3400, AV-3600, AV-3650, Sony AV-8600, AV-8650 color (~1974).
Shibaden SV-510, SV-520 color, SV-550, SV-620 color.


1/2" -inch EIAJ format for Helical Scan Videocorders, VTR video tape Transfer archive recover for open reel, reel to reel, R2R to DVD, Hard drive, Flash drive, Thumbdrive, or web