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Video Tapes
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EIAJ Video Reel
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EIAJ Cartridge
Shibaden Reel
CV, Skip Field
EV, Sony 1" Reel
CVC Technicolor
Umatic 3/4-inch
Vcord I, II
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Audio Reels
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Transfer 1 inch wide Video-tape Type A to Video files or DVD

Convert 1" -inch Video tape Type C to Video files or DVD  

Archive 1" inch wide Videotape type 'EV' to Video files or DVD


Sony V-12 EV 1-inch Video Recording Tape
Sony EV, V11, V-12 format 1-inch
video tape reel.
Tape also made by others.
Transfer several 1" inch Video Formats to Video Files or DVD:

Less  common 1" inch TYPE A with large EIA center hole.
Most common 1" inch TYPE C with large EIA center hole.
Less common  1"-inch 'EV' format with small center hole.
Cost to transfer to DVD or video Files, $110 per tape.

'EV' Sony machines 1964. 1" wide video tape format on a single reel with a unique 3 three hole drive pattern.  Machines record/ play in B&W, however color is possible with the addition of a color adapter CL-P1B. The EV format has 300 lines of monochrome/ 240 lines of color horizontal resolution, has rotary video heads, and tape speed of 7.8ips.

Typical tape markings are Sony V-11-60A/R1-8V/R1-8VP, V-12-30A, V-12-60A, V-16 Scotch. Tapes are usually 2460ft, 750m and play for 60 minutes, color is possible but not common.  Tape reel spools are usually 8-inch diameter metal and sometimes plastic (that warp); full reels are 4 pounds each.

Typical machines weigh about 90 pounds and were made by Sony: EV-200 used a color adapter, EV-210, EV-300, EV-310, EV-320, EV-340TLV time lapse, UV-340 full color (no adapter). 

Typical 1" inch video tapes with the lard EIA center hole include Quantegy 196, Sony VK-34, Ampex 162, Ampex 196 high band, Scotch 3M 360-1-3000 R97-B, 360-1-1500-R139-B.

What folks are saying...
This is great news!  I appreciate all your hard work in saving my [1"-inch type-A] videotape. It has taken me 10 years to find someone capable of transferring this 1" type A videotape.  Caleb, Michigan. 

Your service was fast, fairly priced, and communications was clear and timely. I have recommended you to friends, Dave.

'EV' Video Tape Model Numbers
Scotch/ 3M Cat 350-1-2460-R11B, 1in x 24060ft, 24.50mm x 750m.
Sony V-11-60A/R1-8VP.
Sony V-12-16, 750m, 2460 ft, Japan.
Sony V-12-30A.
Sony V-12-60A.

1" inch with large EIA center hole/ sprocket
AMPEX 147-60 (1 hour) premium, 1" x 2950 ft, 1.0 mil polyester, 9.6ips
AMPEX 196-3170CD, 9" inch diameter metal reel
AMPEX 296-120N x 00
FUJI H621E, 1 in x 6071ft, 2.54cm x 1854m, 120 minutes.
Scotch/ 3M 357-1-3000 R97, 25,40mm x 914m, stock 84-9800-5156-3
Scotch 3M 1" inch x 2170 ft, 479-1-3170-R172B
Scotch/ 3M 479-1x 6050 feet, 25.4mm x 1844m, R174C134
3M/ Scotch 480 x ST
Sony V1-K 126, 1-inch Type C usually 

HUB Type    Tape ID  Tape OD (inch)   Tape OD (inch)     Typical Run Time 
EIA 3-inch
3" inch
5.5" inch
11- inch
10 min
20 min
60 min
120 min 
15 min
30 min 


How it works:
1. CONTACT US with questions or to get an estimate.
2. Print our SHIPPING LABEL from the tab at the top of the web page. 
3. Number your tapes/media, keep a list, and enclose titles and contact info. 
4. Seal in plastic bags, Pad very well, use Standard mailing envelope or corrugated box.  
5. We confirm arrival and email our findings and normally bill using Paypal.      
    (Paypal accepts credit cards for us and you do not need to be a member).
6. Prepay and checks accepted. Normal completion is 3 weeks.


Transfer Sony 1"-inch EV open reel video tape to DVD, Hard drive, Flash drive, or web files.