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Transfer 3/4"-inch Umatic Video Tape Cassette to Video Files, DVD.

PAL European format 3/4"-inch Umatic tapes to Files, Download, DVD.

Scotch, Sony Umatic 3/4-inch video tape cassette
Small, Large, & SP Umatic cassettes

3/4" Umatic (SP) to  DVD,  Files, or  Download: $40 per tape.
PAL European  Umatic to DVD, Files, Download; $50 per tape.
Includes normal recovery including tape baking, if required. 

1971 Sony. This is a standardized format and is commonly called ¾-inch or Umatic.  It records up to 60 minutes of color television with 250 lines of resolution and has stereo sound. Its technical names are ANSI/SMPTE 21M, and Type E Helical Scan video format.

The Umatic format is Threatened, playback machines are available, format is obsolete, tapes can be unstable. This dual reel Cassette format uses ¾-inch wide video tape.  It found common use in professional settings such as business, education, industry, and New Gathering.  An extension to the original format is called ‘SP’ (Superior Performance) and usually uses a special high quality tapes that give additional resolution in SP machines.  SP tapes can be played in non-SP machines with only normal video quality.

What folks are saying...
Received the [7] tapes and [ProRes] files [on flash drive]. Thanks for all you and GreentreeAV are doing keeping Century.  Are you up to doing some more 3/4" mini-Umatics?  [yes], Carl Oregon, 97068.

Thank you very much for the great service and speed you've provided.  The video quality, considering the [very old Umatic tape] source material was terrific.  I will keep you in mind for future projects.  Neil,  video transfer business, Oregon 04102.

We received the [3/4" -inch Umatic] tapes and thumb drive with [mp4 file] footage on it- really looks beautiful, you did a wonderful job.  Thank you so much for everything!  Carra California  CA  90291.

I received my flash drive of my TV commercials today [from 3/4-inch Umatic video tapes]. Considering they are 33 years old they came out good. Thank you for your services and glad I found you.  Cindy, Texas, 77354.

Confirming arrival.  I watched [the DVD of my Umatic tape] yesterday and cried all the way through it (happy tears)!!  I plan to show my husbend as a surprise for Father's Day.  Thanks very much, Andrea,  West Virginia, WV  26508.

I received the box of tapes and flash drive [with mp4 files] today and am pleasantly surprised of the quality of over 40 year old [3/4" inch Umatic] tapes.   You guys are amazing!  thanks, Tony, California, CA  90717.

The videos [h264.mp4 on USB flash drive] arrived  and all are good.  Thank you for your work. It waqs a great pleasure working with you. thanks, Eric, Winston-Salem NC, North Carolina 27105.

We received everything [DVDs] and all looks good.  Thank-you, Sue, Virginia, 23834.

We received the DVDs and they came out great. Thanks for doing such an awesome job. And I received the original tapes baks also, thanks. I am making backup copies of the DVDs for safe storage and will make duplicates for family so there won't be any shortage of backups.  Thanks again, Bob, Rhode Island RI 02874.

Tapes and PAL DVDs arrived safe and sound. Thanks so much for transferring the PAL Umatic tapes. Quality is great and I'm really happy with the result.  Sascha San Francisco CA, 94121.

The DVD and mp4 file  on flash drive arrived yesterday afternoon and it is great! Thank you. We are now sending a couple of PAL VHS tapes for you to convert. Many thanks.  Santyna, IN Indianiana 47302.

Many thanks for your professionalism and exellent communications [DVD]. Rita, Connecticut  CT 06824.

The files look good [h264 MOV Dropbox]. Thank you for your hard work.  Jack, Tulsa OK Oklahoma 74103.

I received the videos and everything looks great [damaged 3/4" umatic tape to h264 file on flash drive and DVD]. Just wanted to say thank you again. If anyone needs to transfer/restore old videos or whatnot, I;ll send them your way.  thanks, Rob Yonkers, NY 10707


How it works:
1. CONTACT US with questions or to get an estimate.
2. Print our SHIPPING LABEL from the tab at the top of the web page. 
3. Number your tapes/media, keep a list, and enclose titles and contact info. 
4. Seal in plastic bags, Pad very well, use Standard mailing envelope or corrugated box.  
5. We confirm arrival and email our findings and normally bill using Paypal.      
    (Paypal accepts credit cards for us and you do not need to be a member).
6. Prepay and checks accepted. Normal completion is 3 weeks.

Typical Umatic cassette video tape models and brands. 

Ampex 197 BCS-20, BCS-30.
Eastman KCS 20, EB-900
FUJI H521, KCS-20 backcoated Beridox, Japan.
FUJI H521EBR, KCS-20 U-matic, Fuji Photo Film Co, LTD, Tokyo 106. 
Kodak Eastman EB-950, KCS20s, EB20
Maxell KCA-60-HG
Scotch 3M MBR-5s, MBR KCS-20XBR master broadcast videocassette
Scotch 3M MBU-18s Master Broadcast Videocassette.
Scotch 3M UCA-20S color plus. UCA-30S. UCA-60.
Sony KCS10, KCS-10K, KCS20, KCS-20 BR
Sony KSA -60
Sony KSP-S20 129m. SPS-20, small cassette  
Sony KCS-20XBR 129m/423ft Umatic Broadcast Tape, back coated.

Head cleaning tape
Scotch UCS-HC, 5 minute. 
Sony BCT-5CLN, 50 cleanings 
Sony KCS-5CL 
AGFA KCA 60 BP large broadcast cassette

Ampex 167 KCA-30, KCA-60
Ampex 187 KCA-05. KCA-10. KCA-60
Ampex 187 UCA-15
Ampex 197 BCA-05, BCA-10. BCA-60, BCS-60
Ampex 297 SPS-20
Crolyn / Dupont KCA-30 Crolyn. KCS  
Maxell KCA10, KCA60, made in Japan.
Memorex MRX UCA-40. MRX UCA-60.
Memorex U30.
Scotch 3M, MBU-15S, MBU-30
Scotch 3M UC-30 High Energy color videocassette. 
Scotch 3M UCA-5. UCA-10, UCA-15, UCA-20, UCA30
Scotch 3M UCA-40, UCA-50, UCA-60 high energy 
Sony KC-30
Sony KCA-5, KCA-10BRS, KCA-20K, KCA-30 BR, KCA-60, KCA-60BRS.
Sony KCS-20XBR Broadcast Master 129m, 423 ft.
Sony KSP-30. KCA-30. KCA-60.
Sony UCA-5, UCA-10, UCA-15, UCA-20, UCA-30, UCA-40, -50, UCA-60
Sony VP-5020 3/4" Umatic playback machine. 
FF/ Rewind idler assembly is pn x-3646-026-0. 

 Machines were commonly available from Sony, JVC, and others.

Transfer record U-Matic SP videotape, Umatic, 3/4 -inch videotape to DVD, Hard drive, Flash drive files.