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Serving Individual, Business, and 
Institutional media conversion needs.
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Video Tapes
Hi-8, 8mm
AKAI 1/4"
Betacam SP
EIAJ Video Reel
miniDV Tape
EIAJ Cartridge
Shibaden Reel
CV, Skip Field
EV, Sony 1" Reel
CVC Technicolor
Umatic 3/4-inch
Vcord I, II
VHS Video Tape

Audio Tapes
Audio Cassette
Audio Reels
Gray Audograph
Record Transfer
Wet Audio Tapes

Film and Slides
8mm, Super 8
9.5mm Film
16mm Film

Digital Media
USB Camera
Wet Tapes
Wet Movie Film

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DAT Digital Audio Tape to mp3 file for Download, Flash drive, CD

Audio Cassette Tape to mp3 file for Download, Flash drive, or CD

RCA Sound Cartridge to mp3 file for Download, Flash drive, or CD

8-TRack Tape to mp3 file for Download, Flash Drive, or on CD

Scotch Audio Cassette Tape, Master recording
Scotch Audio Cassette Tape

Audio Cassette: $35 per tape.
DAT (Digital Audio Tape):  $45 per tape.
RCA Sound Tape Cartridge: $45 per tape.
8-Track tape: $45 per tape. 
For audio file Download, on Flash drive, or CD.

Each CD $10. Most flash drive/ USB thunbdrive $10.
Common file types are mp3, wav, aiff. 
Tapes longer than 80 minutes will have a Continuation CD, add $10 for each continuation CD from same tape.

Don't know what is on your tapes?
Approx 1 minute preview emailed: $30 each, $15 credit towards full transfer.
Included: Case, Labeled CD-R.

This 'standard' audio cassette runs at 1-7/8 inches per second (ips). The rated recording time of these tapes includes both sides of the tape, for example a 'C-60' tape can have up to 30 minutes of material on each side.

What are real customers saying about us?
We received the [RCA audio cartridge] tape and mp3 file on flash drive on Saturday, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.  You provide a very special service that allows people to access the sounds of beloved family members.  Dad was moved to tears to hear the voice of his father, uncles, and others.  Thank you so much!  Laura, Wyoming WY 82801.

Received the CDs and Flash drive with the mp3 files from my tapes [audio cassettes and micro cassettes]. They are great. I am thrilled!  I have recommended you to several people and told them you are the best! Thanks for making this possible.  JoAnn, Lakeland, Florida, FL  33813.

Received the CD and [mp3 file on] flash drive today- thank you so much! My mother has dementia but I am almost positive that she will recognize this music even if she does not acknowledge.  Not only were my parents married for 64 years, she was active in the barbershop circuit too.  So I really appreciate your service.  thanks again, Kathy,  Maryland MD  20705.

Received the tape and CD.  CD sounds good [recovered after going through the washing machine!].  I cried during it because my down syndrome brother who has passed, was singing and talking on it; we were very close. , thanks again for all your help.  Dee, CA California 95628.

The package arrived today, very professional.  The CD and mp3 file work fine and has 15 minutes of my Father.  I have referred a freind to you as well. thanks, Laura PA, Pennsylvania 15108.

It was fun to listen to and we are using the [audio cassett- CD] in a 50th anniversary DVD slide show.  Thank You, Chrissy, Texas, TX.

Exciting...thanks for saving part of our life and for your perfect customer service, Kevin.

The wedding CD was fantastic, My wife was surprised and really enjoyed the gift. Thanks, John. 

I received the [audio cassette] tapes [and mp3 files on DVD] today. Everything turned out exellent. Thanks so much for assisting my agency with this case. Good work Sir! Terry, Wyoming Police Department.

Greentree, thank you so much for all the work you did to save our valuable cassette tape, Steve.

I just wanted to email and let you know that I am very pleased with the cassette tapes converted to CD's and the repairs made to the tapes. My daughter at age 2- she is 36 now! Sheila. 


How it works:
1. CONTACT US with questions or to get an estimate.
2. Print our SHIPPING LABEL from the tab at the top of the web page. 
3. Number your tapes/media, keep a list, and enclose titles and contact info. 
4. Seal in plastic bags, pad very well, use padded mailing envelope or corrugated box.  
5. We confirm arrival, email findings after recorded, and normally bill using PayPal.  Most orders
    shipped Postal Priority mail $9.50.  FedEx/UPS normally $15.  Heavy or International: actual cost.
    Paypal accepts credit cards and you do not need to be a member.
6. Order will be shipped after payment.  Prepay, checks accepted.  Normal completion 3 weeks.


Audio Cassette Tape - Run Times
Minutes 2x5 2x7.5 2x 23 min 2x 30 min 2x 37 min 2x 45 min 2x 50 min 2X60 2X90 2X120

Audio Cassette Tape Brands and Models, standard 1/8" (3.81mm)

Advanced Tape Products (ATP) GPC-120, Low Noise, Hi Output. 
Advanced Tape Products SFD90, super Ferro Dynamic, type I, normal bias.
AGFA HR90, IEC-I, normal (Fe)
Ampex 90 Professional, normal bias, (45 min each side).
Avanti C-90
BASF LH-MI 60, LH maxima I-60, IEC-1, Germany.
BASF SK-60 low noise/ high output, SM (special mechanism), USA.
BASF 60, Low Noise, High Output, BASF "the inventor of audio tape".
Capitol 1 C60 without leader
Certron D60, dictation cassette, instant start oxide coated leader.
Compact Cassette, Boots Audio, C-60, Mexico.
Compact Cassette C-60, C-90 instand loading tape cartridge, USA
Denon DX1-90normal bias, Nippon Columbia, Japan.
Ebotone LC-120, compact cassette
FUJI C90 DR Type I, normal bias
FUJI DR-60 Type I normal bias, 120us equalization
Highlander 3M, C-30
IRISH 261 C60, C90 Recodding Cassette
Magna C-60 Max2, professional studio quality, made in Germany.
Mallory LNF-60, 120 Durotape
Maxell C60LN, LN-90, C120LN,  low noise, Korea.
Maxell LN-C60, LN-C120 low noise, Type 1, normal bias, Japan/Korea
Memorex MX-110, IEC Type IV metal bial, Japan.
Memorex MRX2 Oxide C-90
Maxell UDS-1, IEC type I, Normal, 60.
Maxell UR60, UR-90, IEC Type 1 normal bias everyday recording.   
Maxell XLII, XLIIS, 60, 90, high bias (CrO2)
Maxell UDXLII C60. XLII-90, IEC Type II, High (CrO2)

Memorex MX-110,
MRX2 Oxide C-90
Norelco C-120 normal bias compact cassette
Radio Shack LN-90, LN-120 low noise normal bias
Radio Shack Concertape 90
Realistic Radio Shack Low noise 60, 90
Reagal compact cassette 60 min (30x2)
Robins C60, Sonoramic 462 007 631, normal bias, USA
Scotch 3M AVC-90, 120 normal bias.
Scotch 3M, AVX30 studio master
Scotch 3M Master, type I
Scotch C-60, C-90, C-120 Highlander/ Low Noise, normal bias
Scotch CX-90, 135m, 120us EQ, normal bias, Polarisation normale.
Scotch XSII-S 90, Type II 79us EQ, High Bias, 135meters.
Sears, 57-9960, C-60
Sony C-30, C-60, C-90 Auto-Sensor, low noise.
Sony HF60, HF-90, C90HF 'All-Round' Type 1 normal bias 120us EQ.
Sony FXII-90 IEC Type II, High Bias, 70us EQ, Chrome 
TDK A-60 acoustic cassette, type I normal, low noise, 281ft, 86m
TDK-AR90 IEC/Type I normal bias
TDK C-60F, C60-SD normal bias, Japan.
TDK AD60, C60AD, AD-C90 Extend High, LN, High Out, Normal, Type I
TDK D60, D90, D120, IEC Type I, EQ normal bias, 120us. 
TDK M-C30, M-C90 Maverick, normal bias.
TDK SA-60, SA-90 SA-100, EQ, IECII/Type II, high bias 70us, Avilyn.
TDK SA-X 90, IECII/type II, High Position. 
TDK SA-C90, EQ-70us Compact Cassette Japan.
TDK D-90 normal bias
TDK SD: C60, SD-C90 normal bias
3M Highlander C-30, C-60
Westinghouse Audio Cassette
Zenith C-60, C-90, C-90L (low noise) compact cassette

Type I tapes have write protect tabs only on the spine have iron oxide require 120 us equalization.
Type II tapes have elongated write protect openings have chrome or cobalt require 70 usec equalization.
Type III dual layer iron oxide and chrome dioxide 'ferrichrome' FeCr short lived in the 1970s.
Type IV have an additional 2 holes towards the center of the spine have pure metal particles require 70 us equalization.
Stereo tracks are 0.6mm wide; capable of 2 in each direction.

RCA Souns Tape Cartridge, 1/4-inch, High Fidelity, Magazine loaded.
RCA Type 10M-5.6C 1.0milx 1/4-inch, 30 minutes per track at 3-3/4ips, 4 tracks, Radio Corporation of America, RCA Victor.
Scotch 270, Revere stereo tape cartridge, 1/4-inch, 45 minutes, 90 minutes mono.

DIC Digital, DIC DAT 30-MQ, D3 Master Quality
Philips D4-120, DDS2 4mm Data cartridge (also holds music).
Quantegy R-94 DAT, professional, Peachtree City, Gerorgia, USA.
Scotch 270 Revere STereo Tape cartridge, 45 min stereo, 90 min mono. 
Sony 5CL, 5m, 16 feet, DG5CL
Sony 15CL DGD15CL, 4mm DAT, 50 feet.

Transfer record AUDIO CASSETTE TAPES to CD or digital audio files for mp3, wave hard drive, flash drive.