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Panasonic Hitachi EIAJ Video Tape Cartridge to Files, Download, DVD.

PAL Panasonic Video Tape Cartridge to Video Files, Download, DVD.

Panasonic NV-P530 video tape cartridge
 Panasonic NV-P530 video tape cartrige, similar to NV-P520 and Hitachi EIAJ video tape cartridge

Panasonic Video tape Cartridge transfer; $75 each. CCIR (PAL) European format, add $10 per tape.

Each DVD $10. Most flash drive/ USB thumbdive $10.

Don't know what is on your tapes?    
Approx 1 minute Preview emailed: $30 each, $15 credit towards full transfer. 

Includes normal recovery including cleaning and baking, if required.  Price is the same regardless of 1/2-inch wide open reel format; this tape was used with different video formats.  Note that this early video technology and usually contains sync, start/stop disturbances, and dropouts.

The Video Cartridge was developed by Panasonic in 1969 based on the EIAJ, ½-inch video format. It was convenient consumer format but also was used by educational and professional users as well.  Most cartridges are 30 minutes and it is fairly common to have EIAJ-II EIAJ-2 color format. 

Format is based on the EIAJ standard and can be Black & White or Color.  Each cartridge consists of a single spool of ½-inch wide videotape in a housing; cartridges normally play for 30 minutes and common markings are Panasonic and Hitachi.

This Panasonic EIAJ cartridge format is Extinct (playback machines are rare, tape is more than 40 years old).

Machines: Panasonic/ National NV-5110 color, NV-5125 color, NV-5130A Video Cartridge Recorder

Tape cartrages use common 1/2"-inch wide video tape, common Brand names are:
Hitachi EIAJ
Fuji Film VC-30, 36 minute CCIR, PAL Beridox high density, EIAJ standard.
Panasonic NV-B44, 30 minute CCIR, PAL, uses internal reel NV-R520 or NV-R510, NV-P506 leader, NV-507 trailer. 
Panasonic NV-R50, (VPK 19-P-1), 5" dia cartridge cassette 
Panasonic NV-510, 30 minute cartridge cassette. National Video Tape for Helical scan recorders.
Panasonic NV-R520 inner reel, 1 mil (.001 inches thick)
Panasonic NV-P530 Cartridge cassette, 30 min. National Video tape. Matushita Electric.
Panasonic NV P530H, 30 minute helical scan video tape cartridge.
Panasonic NV-P560H cartridge cassette, 60  inutes

     These tape cartridges were recorded/ played by Panasonic NV-5110, -5120A machines. 
     These were color EIAJ-2 and sometimes known as EIAJ-M format.

What folks are saying...
We received the tape and [mp4 file on] thumbdrive. I want to thank you for the professional and high quality work you have provided. After 40 years, a fire and flood, thanks to your work the tape survived. Amazing.  The funny thing is that it's not the recording I believed was on the tape all these years.  Well at least I can enter the next decade knowing what's on the tape.  Thanks for your help and Best, Bob, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

The video tape and [mp4 file on] thumb drive arrived today. I watched the video and was taken back 39 years. Thank you for recovering the first birthday part of my son. I am very happy with the work that you have done. Thank you, Richard, California, CA 94301.

Package [video tape reel to DVD] arrived and it is way more than I thought!!  And good sound too!  Thank you so much!!!, Erwin, New York, 13088.

This is great!  Thanks again for bringing this memory back to life!! [to mp4 file on flash drive and for Download], Annie, Forth Worth, Texas, TX  76107.

Received the DVDs today and things look great. That was a nice touch putting the picture with the final score on the cover of the case.  I'm sure folks will enjoy watching that ancient history at my reunion next month.  thank you again for your work, Brian,  Florida 33539.

Hey thanks for the DVDs and mp4 files on thumb drive, I really appreciate it.  I'm really happy with the quality of the video's even though they are 40 years old! thanks again, Dan, Eagan MN Minnesota 55123.

Package [with the EIAJ 'trial' tape] arrived Thursday and I am very pleased with the result!  Accordingly, on Friday I [will] send 12 more tapes for processing, Best, Tom.

I hold you personally responsible for messing up my make-up! But I don't even care. The DVD arrived this morning and I have watched my parents getting married in 1969. How many folks get to see a wedding on video with sound from that year!? Unbelievable. An additional surprise was seeing so many people who are no longer alive... both grandfathers, great grandmother... truly a special gift, T.O.


How it works:
1. CONTACT US with questions or to get an estimate.
2. Print our SHIPPING LABEL from the tab at the top of the web page. 
3. Number your tapes/media, keep a list, and enclose titles and contact info. 
4. Seal in plastic bags, pad very well, use tracking and save the number.  
5. We confirm arrival, email findings after recorded, and normally bill using PayPal.  Paypal
accepts credit cards and you donot need to be a member.
6. Most orders shipped Postal Priority mail $9.50.  Heavy or International: actual cost.
    Paypal accepts credit cards and you do not need to be a member.
7. Order will be shipped after payment.  Prepay, checks accepted.  Normal completion 3 weeks.


Panasonic, Hitachi 1/2"-inch video tape cartridge cassettes NV-R50, NV-P510, NV-R520, NV-P530, R-430 transferred recorded to DVD, Hard drive, Flash drive, or web files.