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Serving Individual, Business, and 
Institutional media conversion needs.
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Video Tapes
Hi-8, 8mm
AKAI 1/4"
Betacam SP
EIAJ Video Reel
miniDV Tape
EIAJ Cartridge
Shibaden Reel
CV, Skip Field
EV, Sony 1" Reel
CVC Technicolor
Umatic 3/4-inch
Vcord I, II
VHS Video Tape

Audio Tapes
Audio Cassette
Audio Reels
Gray Audograph
Record Transfer
Wet Audio Tapes

Film and Slides
8mm, Super 8
9.5mm Film
16mm Film

Digital Media
USB Camera
Wet Tapes
Wet Movie Film

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Transfer VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C to File for Download, USB Flash Drive, or DVD. 

Convert NTSC, PAL, Secam VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C to Download or DVD.

Sony T-160 VHS video tape
Sony VHS T-160 video tape 
VHS to mp4 File for Download, Thumb Drive, or DVD; $35 
VHS European PAL, Secam to File, Download, or DVD; $45
Each DVD $10. Most flash drive/ USB thumbdive $10.

Don't know what is on your tapes?    
Approx 1 minute Preview emailed: $30 each, $15 credit towards full transfer. 

Continuation DVD (longer than 2-hours): add $15 for each additional 2 hour DVD.
H264.mp4 is the standard file format, other file formats available by request.

Introduced in 1976 by JVC in competition with the Sony Betamax format.  The most common tape is T-120 with run time of 2 hours (SP mode), 4 hours (LP mode), or 6 hours (EP mode).  

VHS and VHS-C video tape is 1/2" (12.7mm) wide and have various recording lengths.  The NTSC video head spins at 1800rpm and linear tape speeds are 1.3, 0.66, and 0.44 ips for SP, LP, EP recording and playback modes.

What are Customers saying about GreentreeAV? 
The DVD and tape arrived Monday. The conversion looks good [had very poor quality VHS , improved to DVD].  Tracking is now solid and all the tearing of the picture is gone. I think this is about as good a result as possible.  Satisfied customer.  Ed, New York, NY 11725.

Can't thank you enough! Very grateful for your tenacious efforts to bring this [very damaged VHS tapes to mp4 files for download] very important historical footage back from the Abyss. The video showing the survey crew maring the property boundaryies was priceless since a neighbor has removed all of the pins.  You are a true master of your craft.  THANK YOU so much! Jim, St. Louis Missouri MO.

The DVDs arrived yesterday [from VHS and Umatic tapes]. I looked at the oldest one first (of my son when he was 10 months old) and it looks great!  It brought happy tears to m eyes. Thanks so much for making these old tapes accessible today on modern machines. And thanks for the website, so I could find you. Metaleen, North Carolina, NC 28630.

My DVD and mp4 files arrived this morning [from VHS-C and miniDV tapes]. As usual, they are top quality work on your part. Thanks for the expertise in all that you do.  We've been enjoying them all day. JoAnn, FL Florida, 33813.

Thank you so much for your work!  Our whole family appreciates it [mp4 file to FD flash drive].  This is the only video we have of our childhood.  You did an amazing job.  Thank You.  Hannah, Seattle, Washington, WA 98103.

Received the DVDs and FD today [VHS video tapes to mp4 flash drive].  Thanks so much for the great work!  I am reliving my youth...I hope to dig up more tapes and will give your name out to others. Take care- Steve, IL Illinois 60046.

I received thew package - everything is in order.  The video looks and sounds great!  I appreciate your work and care greatly [moldy PAL VHS to DVD and on flash drive].  Andrei Iowa 50014.


How it works:
1. CONTACT US with questions or to get an estimate.
2. Print our SHIPPING LABEL from the tab at the top of the web page. 
3. Number your tapes/media, keep a list, and enclose titles and contact info. 
4. Seal in plastic bags, pad very well, use tracking and save the number.  
5. We confirm arrival, email findings after recorded, and normally bill using PayPal.  Paypal
accepts credit cards and you donot need to be a member.
6. Most orders shipped Postal Priority mail $9.50.  Heavy or International: actual cost.
    Paypal accepts credit cards and you do not need to be a member.
7. Order will be shipped after payment.  Prepay, checks accepted.  Normal completion 3 weeks.


European VHS Video Tape Models and Run Times                 
                  NTSC speed 2m/minute,      PAL/SECAM speed 1.42m/minute.
E30, UK 45m,                   NTSC SP/LP/EP 22/44/66.  PAL,SECAM 30/60/90. 
E120, 173m,                    NTSC  86/172/258 min.       PAL,SECAM 120/240/360.
T-30, 70m                          NTSC 30/60/90 minutes.    PAL,SECAM 45/90/145 
T-45, 94m                          NTSC 45/90/145.                PAL,SECAM 63/126/252.
T-60, 140m                        NTSC 60/120/240.             PAL,SECAM 90/180/378. 
T-90, 185ft                        NTSC 90/180/270.             PAL,SECAM 126/252/504.
T-120, 246m, 807ft           NTSC 120/240/360.          PAL,SECAM 169/336/672.
T-160, 327m, 1072ft        NTSC 160/320/480.          PAL,SECAM 225/450/900.
T-180,  369m, 1210ft       NTSC 180/360/540.          PAL,SECAM 
VHS Head Cleaner Tapes
FUJI VCL-10, 10 sec x 60 clean x 5 rewinds is 300 cleanings (SP)
Maxell 290038 VP-200, wet type, 20 sec each cycle/rewind

Maxell 290058 VP-100, dry cleaner, 20 sec x 100 cleanings
Memorex Safeguard Wet, 10 sec x 150 cleanings                
Philips PH 61102, wet, 50 rewinds
Radio Shack 44-121
Radio Shack 44-1203, brush cleaner, no tape
Scotch 30 sec x 24 cleanings x 24 rewinds= 240 cleanings
Scotch 30 VCR Head Cleanings with with on-screen message.
Sony T-6CLD L, 3m, 10 sec x 50 cleanings.
Sony T-25CLD, 10 sec x __ = 12 min @SP
Sony TC-25CLD 1B, 4 minutes
Telstar VA-92, wet cleaner, 10 sec x 48 cleanings

VHS Video tape, 1/2" (12.7mm) wide video tape

Ampex 189 T-30. Ampex Quantegy T120HG, Germany.
BASF T-120EQ, Korea.   BASF T-160 327m.
BASF T-180SHG, GS36195, Germany.
EMX T-120 VHS video tape
Fuji tape grades; HQ general, PRO premium, MASTER, S-VHS premium.
Fuji T-60, T-120 HQ general High Quality. T-120 A/V PRO. U.S.A., Korea.  
Fuji A/V Master super XG high output, double coating. 
Fuji T120 HG 246m. Fuji T-120 HQ high quality Beridox fine grain, Korea.  
Fuji T120-SHG Super High Grade. ST-120 H471S Master Quality.
GE T-120 Hi-Fi Stereo premium grade, 
JVC ST120-SV.    JVC S-XZ.   JVC S-XG, Pro HiFi.  
JVC EHG Library Master "The Inventor of VHS", USA.
JVC  ST-120 XG Super Master. JVC T-120ps premium standard,
JVC T-120SX High PerformanceT120 XR.  JVC SX high energy, LDK.
Kodak SGT-120 standard grade cat 108-8681.  
Kodak T-120 HG Professional cat 109-8854, Japan.
Kodak HGT, HST-120, cat 156-5456.  XHG extra high grade, Korea.
Konica T120 professional, USA.
Magnavox T120MHG Extra High Grade, China. M11.
Maxell E-60 Epitaxial VHS for PAL, SECAM, Made in England.
Maxell T120 STD super tape. T120EX General Use. Bronze standard.  
Maxell T120 GX- Silver, T-120 HGX Black. T160GX. Epitaxial.
Maxell T-120 XL-HiFi 246m professional. 
Maxell T-120HGX [G] Gold Premium High grade.
Memorex M-11, T120 HG, HS High standard, USA.    T-120HX 246m.
Memorex T-120 HS general recording 246m.
Memorex T-120 Pro Hi-Fi 92VM.  Memorex T120 TMM.
MGM Metro Goldwyn Mayer, T120 246m, 807ft, Studio Grade, Taiwan.     
Nature T120HS, China. 

Panasonic NV-T-60
Panasonic NV-T120ZS General Use, NV-T-120PSD Premium Standard
Polaroid T120 246m Supercolor Plus.
Polaroid T-120 XHG Supercolor 246m. Hong Kong, Japan.
RCA T120 standard grade, RCA Hi-Fi Stereo premium, China.
Radio Shack T-120 Supertape, Cat 44-400, USA.
Scotch/ 3M PHG/T T120 T-160 performance high grade,
Scotch PHG. T120EG Everday Use. 
Scotch T-120 EG+.  Scotch T-120 Pro. U.SA.
Target T-120.
3m T30 Broadcast Cassette, USA.SKC T-120HQ Maxplay.
Sony T120 Standard Grade.   Sony T-160VL/WA Standard Grade.           
Sony T-120ESB, dynamicron extra superior standard grade. 
Sony T-120ESC 246m
Sony T120VE 246m Premium. Sony T-120VF premium grade, USA.  
Sony T120VL 246m. Sony T120VR, VIVAX. Sony T-120ESD.
Sony T-160VL/WA Standard Grade, Sony T160VE. 
Sony T-160VF premium grade, USA, Mexico. (327m, 813ft)
Sony T-60PR professional.    Sony T-120PRO-X.
TDK E-HG T-120 Super High Grade.  P-T60 professional super Avilyn.
TDK T-120 HSN Super Avilyn.  TDK T-120RVBH premium quality.
TDK S-HG. T-120HS High Standard.  TDK T120 AQ super avilyn Japan.      
TDK T120-STD super tape durability.
TDK T-120 EHG Hi-Fi Extra High Grade Super Avilyn.  
TDK VAT-120. E-HG Ultimate AGAD923.  
TDK T160-RE. T-160-AQ Advanced Quality super Avilyn, Japan.
TDK ST-120XP, sVHS Super VHS, exellent professional
Universal T120SHG, Hong Kong.

VHS-C, Compact Video Cassette,  1/2" (12.7mm) wide videotape, typical tapes are:

BASF VHS-C TC-20 (20 minute SP/ 40 min LP/ 60 min EP)
BASF VHSC, EC60, PHG HiFi, 85m
Fuji SH Grade SHG (super high grade)
 Fuji TC-30. (30 min SP/ 60 min LP/ 90 min EP)
JVC Hi-Fi, EHG library master. 
Maxell TC-30 HGX-Gold
Panasonic EHG library master, SHG, TC30. VHS-C (62m)
Scotch TC-30 EHG 45, 
TDK TC-30, EHG extra high grade.x

Head Cleaner Tapes

Sony TC-25CLD, 4m of tape